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Personal Financial Plan November 11, 2015

images (1)So many times we hear this adage that mostly people do not plan to fail, but they fail to plan. Most of the times individuals consciously decide to avoid planning for their own financial planning. People fail to create a formal financial plan which can create a lot of issues later in life. Sometimes it happens that individuals do make a plan but then they usually get fail to follow it properly.

Everyone has their certain financial needs i.e. be it creating a fund for emergencies and contingency, saving for children’s education, planning for retirement, or having an opportunity fund. While we all have different priorities, needs, wants and aspirations, those who formally plan things and then commit to their financial planning tend to get less worried about their existence. Financial planning gives you a clear direction about life decisions which can be proved fruitful for your financial health. Also, it prepares you to deal with any unforeseen circumstances and develop contingency plan in case of emergencies.

Those who assume that social security will be enough to provide sustainable funding later in life are often devastated when they usually retire. This program really helps in providing a safety net to individuals. Looking towards socio-political conditions of the country, no one can be sure of what will happen in the future. Also, individuals don’t know what official retirement age would be. Therefore, wise individuals make a plan and understand what they would need when they do retire. Then they adjust the figure through inflation rate and finalize what their actual needs are. The best way to ensure this planning is to consistently put away a dollar amount. This way an individual develops a habit of saving and it is believed to be as easy target. Reliable mutual funds which are diversified are the easiest way to do so. It is recommended that you speak to a specialized financial planner before proceeding towards the plan.
Children’s Education:

Do you really want to put your child into enormous amount of debt well before he enters into the workforce? If that’s not the plan, then it is advised to start saving for your children’s education. Systemic and periodic investment plan can be really helpful in managing your children education. It will be quite helpful for your child when he will be joining a college or university.
Emergency funds:

Don’t let some unforeseen circumstances put you into a blind. It is better to create your own emergency and contingency fund. Have you ever wished that you had more funds and resources to take a great advantage of any opportunity but had to pass it on because you didn’t have fund to do so. The solution lies in the planning in an organized manner. Like most of our life decisions, those who plan tactfully and meaningfully end up with the best results. Would you rather plan to succeed and achieve your financial goals or would you be preferably fail to plan and then act accordingly?
These are some important aspects of a strong financial planning. If a person fails to adopt a good financial plan then he might face issues in his later life when he will not be able to manage income after retirement. Also, along with age you need to have an emergency fund because if need occurs one need to be prepared for it. Moreover, if you wish to start a family you must consider a strong financial plan because a lot of expenses come along with having a family. Also, considering a good financial plan can always help you in maintaining self-discipline and creating a good financial future for yourself and your family.

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